Research Article & Applied Project

After a semester of working on these two assignments, I can proudly say they are finally complete! Unfortunately, due to a internet outage at my university this week I lost a fair amount of progress on my applied project, and so (1) the version I have uploaded now may not be the best version of itself it could be if I had even more time to rethink every phrase 3 times, and (2) I cannot get them printed in time for the interdisciplinary department’s end of the semester social gathering. So while I did initially set out to create a printed short book, reworking my research article to be more accessible, I did get to at least make it more accessible as an eBook! This was a pleasure to work on because I hope to be able to do this similar process for other complicated works of theology and philosophy in the future.

If I had to give myself a theoretical grade for my research article and applied project, I think my research article would get a B, while my applied project would be a B or C. While the research article is scholarly, I think there are some flow problems, and could warrant a lengthier philosophical discussion about the dichotic dilemma. On the other hand, while I was able to get my applied project (I talked about it before, but instead of editing that post, I decided to make a new one) made into an eBook (which was harder and easier in the weirdest of ways), it could definitely use more time to try and reduce topic complexity even more. One example is that I couldn’t figure out how to explain the fundamentals of music, or bypass them entirely. Consequently, this means that the work requires readers to have a basic understanding of music. Last, while eBooks are prolific today, I still find something ‘magical’ about holding a book physically in hand, which is why I lean towards a lower B or C.

***a note about the research article*** many of my peers have theirs uploaded directly into a blog post. However, I wrote mine in chicago style with footnotes, so doing that would cause the article to break in unimaginable ways. You can view/download both the research article and eBook below.


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