about johnathan martineau

I am a senior at Plymouth State University studying for a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies, with my concentration being in Musical Aesthetics–utilizing Philosophy to further enhance literary analysis done within Music Theory. My research interests are in analysing the intersections between religious works of music and their implied philosophical & theological doctrines. I recently analysed the anti-Semitic themes in J.S. Bach’s St John Passion (BWV 245) to investigate if Bach intentionally composed those ideas, or if was due to underlying external influences and pressures. In addition to my major, I also have two minors in Psychology and Neuroscience, where my research focus is in the effects of waterborne pharmaceutical compounds on the locomotor behaviour in the American Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus. Furthermore, for the past few years I have worked as a tutor at Plymouth Academic Support Services for the University System of New Hampshire. The subjects I tutor the most are in study skills, ear training, music theory, neuroscience, psychology, and logic. 


I grew up near the seacoast of New Hampshire in the city of Rochester, where the public-school system sparked my interest in music. It was in my first year at Plymouth State University that I realised my passions for music did not lie in performance or pedagogy, but in theory. During this same time, I also found a great passion for philosophy and theology because of the countless doctrines and new ways of thinking critically. Then in my sophomore year, I also found another passion in Behavioural Neuroscience, hence my minors in Psychology and Neuroscience. I find myself at home in the learning environment that higher ed produces, and I plan on continuing my education further. After graduating from my undergrad, I plan on pursuing a dual-degree master program for a Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Counselling. In the summer before my first year at university, I came to a saving and redeeming faith in Lord Christ Jesus. With my entire life committed to God, I want to pursue postgraduate studies in a doctoral program in theology studying Christian ethics, utilising my graduate education to investigate how our mind interact, consciously and unconsciously, with Christian ethics, behaviour, and morality. I ultimately hope that I will one day be able to teach theology at the college level, for one of my great passions is teaching, which is why I love my tutoring job so much!


Outside the walls of academia, I greatly enjoy my hobbies of baking, cooking, Dungeons & Dragons, music, and video games. My favorite recipes to make are savory beef bourguignon, zesty chocolate-orange sponge cake, and robust chocolate chip cookies. In D&D you can find me most often playing a character that can use magic. I also often find myself enjoying the exploration of different types of music, some of my favorites currently are The Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra’s Adventure Time Orchestrated, Osamu Kitajima’s Masterless Samurai, BESTIE’s No Bad Days, Timothy Brindle’s The Unfolding, and all of Ryo Fukui’s Albums. If you would like to get in contact with me for any reason, please go to my contact page, and you can find my curriculum vitae down below. Lastly, if you would like to see my academic portfolio you can do so at my papers page.